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Whitehill Berkhamsted... Lighting design for modern living

Brief:  A Developer led full Lighting design with specific attention to the entrance hall through to the main living space. To include user friendly lighting control for this new build, that may initially be available for let, before being lived in as a home.  Our Client Elmtree Construction demand excellence, ensuring their luxury developments meet their full potential, whilst satisfying the practicalities of day to day living.


A bright and fresh feel was desired to highlight the feeling of space and practicality. We utilised 3000k colour temperatue lighting, with some tuneable luminaires to increase the daylight feel as desired during the winter months. Downlighters and surface wall luminaires scallop walls, providing depth and emphasising the main living area, for added character.  Discrete recessed low level 2 watt wall lighting was scheduled to fade on at sunset, connecting the lower and upper living areas.  This eliminates potential barriers of darkness, giving this home a natural free flowing feel.

A Lutron RA2 wireless control solution was perfect to meet the needs of any occupant, with simplicity to expand the system in the future as desired.

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