A beautiful home in a cool part of town...

Client and Brief...

Working directly with the home owner and their architect, BRAND Designs was asked to provide a full lighting design, including seamless intelligent control, automatic blinds and curtains, a whole house audio system and whole house ventilation system.


Built in the 1850s, the client was keen to accentuate the historical features of the building whilst bringing contemporary style and functionality to each room - a common request from clients with older buildings.


This look was achieved through the use of LED uplighting and wall washing, creating a warm, soft ambience combined with discreet spot lighting and a number of stunning bespoke light fittings.


Lighting throughout the entire home is controlled by a fully integrated Lutron HomeWorks system, offering multi-zone, multi-scene control in every room. At the touch of a button the various light sources in each room will dim or brighten to an individual pre-set level, which in combination creates a 'lighting scene', or mood, specific to the requirement - dining, entertaining or relaxing. 


Meanwhile, blinds and curtains throughout may be operated by remote control, daylight levels or time clock - offering both convenience and security when the property is unoccupied.


Supply and Installation...

Our client wanted a trouble free installation and sensibly chose to use BRAND authorised engineers rather than contracting an electrician themselves. In doing so our client could withdraw completely from the installation process and slept peacefully at night!;-) He also now enjoys the BRAND guarantee - in the very unlikely event that there is a problem with any aspect of the installation we will be there within 24 hours to resolve it.

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