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Biddenham… Aesthetics and versatility of natural stone

Brief: To provide an outstanding lighting design to this vastly extended and refurbished country home, maximising the opportunity to feature the natural stone and exposed oak beams used throughout. To work closely with the interior designer to discuss ideas and concepts to deliver an outstanding home. Provide a lighting solution that’s in keeping for the formal gardens, outbuildings and walled produce garden.


This was an exciting project that has been methodically worked on producing nothing short of ‘perfection of workmanship’. Lighting a vibrant quartz bespoke dressing table to providing light along the glass wall panels leading into the wine cellar. Backlighting, hidden light sources and narrow optic beam angles were used in various areas to add a natural wow factor, without fuss and without making big statements.

Rusted copper Darksky short bollards were used around pathways in the formal gardens, with vintage LED extra warm lamps on the natural stone. Discrete ground up lighting provided soft lighting of trees, lots of subtle contrasts and leading of the eye, but all with a very natural and understated feel.

This project was quite a journey, but perfection is rarely made with hast!

Our photographer is working hard to bring you images of this amazing project soon.

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