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Q&A - Ed Goldney, a look at 2020

You are a lighting designer, what does that mean?
We take amazing spaces and stunning interiors and make them truly beautiful with the use of a well planned lighting scheme. Fine homes deserve to be finished with fantastic lighting, adding drama and definition, bringing out true colours of fabrics and finishes, and highlighting features both inside and out.

So, it’s not all about stunning pendant lighting?
These are the stunning eye catching pieces that people see when they first walk into your home. However, these wow factor finishing pieces should be thought of the icing on the cake, like the hanging of your favourite artwork. A quality lighting design will incorporate lots of other factors, with consideration for task lighting, subtle mood lighting, hidden and feature light. We like to call it “layers of light”.

When is the ideal time to engage a designer?
Quite simply, as early as possible in your project. As designers, we are adept at working from architect plans, and regularly work with project managers and interior designers in order to realise your dreams. Every project is approached with a client on an individual basis, and the more detail we have, the better.
Importantly, before your installers are first on site, will we provide a full set of client approved plans, incorporating the lighting layout, circuitry and load schedules for all fittings and control.

What has been your favourite project to date?
All of our projects are wonderful when you get to see the finished result and are memorable for their own reasons. However, a stand out solution we created was for a particular client who wanted to draw only subtle attention to his car collection which could be seen from the downstairs snug. With some careful lighting, the cars appear like a silhouette backdrop through the internal landscape windows. Blissful!

What key trends do you see for residential lighting in 2020?
Art Deco with its strong geometric lines will make a bold statement this year, for an informal but arty feel to a space. Retro with a modern twist continues to thrive as well, but now with a less industrial feel.
Smart solutions are also rapidly becoming the norm for our homes, with full house lighting control and automated window shades at the top of list.

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