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What we do...

We take amazing spaces and stunning interiors and make them truly beautiful with the use of a well-planned lighting scheme.   Fine homes deserve to be finished with fantastic lighting, adding drama and definition, bringing out true colours of fabrics and finishes, and highlighting features both inside and out.


Working with home owners, interior designers, developers, architects and builders, BRAND Designs bring buildings to life with stunning lighting, smart home controls, automated window shades and audio visual solutions.

We can act as consultants and work with your existing contractors or - for a stress free and fully guaranteed installation - we will take care of the whole project from Design, Supply, Installation through to Commissioning.  All projects are unique and individual so we offer a tailored solution to meet your needs and desires.


Call us today on 0345 340 4435 to discuss your project...


We have been specifying and supplying lighting projects for over twenty years. ..and how things have changed in that time!


Keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trends is one of the greatest challenges and one of our greatest strengths.


Our designers and engineers are fully qualified in all the major control systems including Lutron, Rako, Cbus, KNX, Control 4 and Wise.


The lighting in your home will be super energy efficient, ridiculously easy to use and - most importantly - will blow your pals away! 

Window Treatments

Fully integrated with your lighting control system, automated blinds and curtains offer another level of style and convenience.

Operating according to set times or periods or progammed to react to daylight levels, automated window treatments can also help to reduce energy bills.


Audio Visual

Perhaps you've always dreamed of a Home Cinema with 9.1 surround sound. ..or maybe your favourite music available anywhere in the home or garden in crystal clear sound at the touch of a button.. problem!


You tell us what you want and using any one or a mix of Crestron, Control 4 and SONOS we'll design and deliver it.


Advanced Controls

Lighting is one thing, but being able to easily and effectively control the lights in your home makes light really work for you.


We use world leading manufacturers lile Lutron, Rako, KNX, CBus and more, for our lighting control solutions. With decades of experience in the industry, you can be assured the control system we design for your home will give you full control at a simple press of a button.

Change the mood of a room by a single button press, automatically turn on external lighting at sunset and have this adjust for the changing season on its own, use a voice assistant, such as Alexa, to control your lights, window blinds, curtains, pool cover, garage door... the possibilities are endless. All this is easily achieved through a control system designed and custom programmed, for you, by us. 


BRAND Designs

The Design Studio

Unit 34, Chess Business Park

Moor Road, Chesham

Bucks, HP5 1SD

0345 340 4435

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